Coming your way soon: The Circular Collective

The Circular Collective is a Community Action Group of creative, friendly and progressive people who act to implement a viable example of the circular economy, by sorting items and materials into its tighter or looser loops according to their reuse value.

Currently in a brainstorming phase, they plan to collect non-food items and goods from subscribed households and redistribute them various local reuse, refurbishment and recycling outlets of choice, focusing on social and environmental organisations such as charities, social enterprises, local groups, other local projects.

They will function on donations, and will strive to build a compassionate civilisation in which the word “waste” belongs to the past, and where the items and materials we produce and use are forever resources. They are currently based in Oxford, but we are looking to inspire cities all over the world.

Find out more on their website here.

Pretty cool!

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